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Tour the home of the most extreme Elvis fanatic in the world. Step inside a Turkish baklava factory. Hop a bush plane and fly to the most remote corner of Alaska. Travel the world from the seat of your desk through these five captivating travel blogs.

Expert Vagabond
Calling all adrenaline junkies! Meet your leader: Photographer and extreme traveler Matthew Karsten. The Miami native has traveled to 19 countries in four years, logging all varieties of adventure from swimming with a 10-foot, 400-pound bull shark in Fiji to camping on an erupting volcano in Guatemala. His most recent escapade: Witnessing thousands of men become wildly possessed by their magic Sak Yant tattoos at Thailand’s Wai Kru Festival, an experience he best describes as, “absolute mayhem.”
The Expert Vagabond


12hrs founders Anna Peuckert (Cologne, Germany) and Søren Jepsen (Copenhagen, Denmark), appeal to our inner planner. The fashion-forward pair offers 12-hour itineraries to cities from Antwerp to Vancouver. Each guide is heavy with phenomenal photography and insider secrets, including the best place to stay in Brooklyn (
Urban Cowboy B n’ B, a Montana-style cabin in the heart of the borough) and where to eat in Barcelona (out of a 1970 caravan that roams throughout the city).


The American Guide
This is America, the real deal—a nitty-gritty and wholly authentic look at these United States. A revival of the Depression-era book by the same name, the blog showcases all the beauty and brawn of our great nation: “its amber waves of grain and its strip malls, its apple pie and its oil rigs.” From the annual Angola Prison Rodeo held at the Louisiana State Penitentiary to the World’s Largest McDonalds in Vinita, Oklahoma, this compelling site sheds light on the many odd facets of our Land of Stars and Stripes.


Classe Touriste

Classe Touriste pairs a world-class photographer with an accomplished travel journalist for a site we want to climb into and experience firsthand. Belgian writer Debbie Pappgyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer provide astonishing coverage of the most cloaked (North Korea) and remote (Arctic Canada) corners of the earth, as well as luxury tours worthy of the pages of Condé Nast Traveler. Whether skiing the mountains of Austria or attending a sumo practice in Tokyo, the pair offers a stunning look at how the other half lives.
Princess Inle Resort - Misuu owner with Burmese cat


The Perennial Plate
Local foodies Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine rose to acclaim, traversing the state and then the nation, documenting “adventurous and sustainable eating” (think dumpster diving and fried iguana). The two-time James Beard Award winners then partnered with Intrepid Travel for a world food tour. Their short, colorful videos entertain and educate viewers on how cultures from around the world sustain themselves and their environments through conventional and cutting-edge food practices.

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