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While we envy curly girls, we know that some, in turn, covet sleek, straight locks. We called in the expert, Lisa Krystofick, team leader of Aveda in the Airport Mall, to show us how to transform hair from curly to straight with Aveda’s Smooth Infusion™ collection. Warning: This stuff really works. “If you’re committed to a sleeker look, daily use will decrease curls for the long term,” she says.

Whether you want a smooth ’do for a day—or more—try this winning formula to calm your curls.

  1. “Sixty percent of your finished style starts in the shower,” says Krystofick. Therefore, start with the Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo and Conditioner. “You could also swap out the conditioner for the Smooth Infusion™ Smoothing Masque, which will decrease volume by 50 percent.” The masque contains organic cupuacu butter and shea butter, which create a lightweight barrier around each strand, conditioning and smoothing the hair cuticle.
  2. Apply the styling products to damp hair. “First, apply Smooth Infusion™ Style Prep, which provides 12 hours of humidity defense and contributes to a longer-lasting finished style.”
  3. Next up: Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight. “This is a do-all product,” says Krystofick. “It contains maize, which provides humidity defense. It also has plant fibers and tapioca starch, which attach to the hair and progressively loosen the curl after five, consecutive uses.”
  4. Section the hair into 1-inch thick strips and use a blow-dryer nozzle to angle the air down onto the hair. “This will help the hair cuticles to lay flat versus frizz up.”
  1. Flat iron the hair for a polished look, then apply the final step: Smooth Infusion™ Glossing Straightener. “And voilá! A glossy, finished style.”

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