Tech Review: Swiss Mobility Universal Powerpack 18000

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The quest for more battery life ranks right up there with the search for the Fountain of Youth and Excalibur—a seemingly fruitless pursuit. It seems the second a new device is out of the box its battery life reduces by half. But there is a solution: The Swiss Mobility Universal Powerpack 18000 ($119), available at BluWire on Concourses F and C (cart) and Terminal 2-Humphrey near Gate H8 (cart).

About the size of a standard men’s wallet, the Powerpack 18000 increases the battery life of mobile devices (phones, tablets, mobile speakers, etc.) by 10 times. It comes out of the box fully charged and can charge up to 10 devices before it, too, requires a power up. Three to four hours plugged into a wall outlet (cords included), and it’s once again ready to revive your devices.

“The Powerpack’s applications are endless from long international flights to overnight camping trips,” says Josh Lawson, BluWire manager.

Swiss Mobility offers a full range of powerpacks from a two-charge model to the 18000’s 10 charges. Prices range from $39 for the two-charge model to $119 for the 18000. With our increasing reliance on all things digital, this is one pack you won’t want to travel without.

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