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Feeling off? Check your chakras. Chakras, according to Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing tradition from India, are the seven spinning wheels of energy on the human body. Experts say they are influenced by the thoughts of the subconscious mind and can affect our emotional and physical health, overall wellbeing, and even our outward beauty.

Aveda in the Airport Mall bases many of its holistic practices on the chakras and carries a specialized line of chakra essential oils. The varying scents, which range from spicy to floral, help enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. Each scent corresponds to the healing needs of a specific chakra.

“You can work on all seven chakras at once,” says Hanna Hrabe, Aveda MSP team leader. “However, it’s often more helpful to focus on a single chakra that needs attention.”

For many travelers, a stop at Aveda for a “Chakra Journey” is an essential pre-flight ritual. The journey helps determine which of your seven chakras needs addressing. To start, all seven chakra oils will stand on a table before you. Each bottle will have a corresponding card. An Aveda employee will instruct you to pick the three cards that call to you the most. This could be based on their color or the words written on the cards. The employee will then pull the three oils that correspond to those cards.

Next, you will close your eyes and smell each oil. You will indicate which aroma you like the least, then smell the remaining two again. The aroma you prefer corresponds to the chakra in need of the most attention. The Aveda employee will then spray the scent in an arc over your head so that the mist falls around you, while explaining more about that particular chakra.

For further chakra support, the Aveda website has interactive components, including brief meditations, breathing exercises, nutrition advice, and voice mantras.

“Our chakra oils are among our bestsellers because they are lightweight and smell fantastic,” says Hrabe. “They are an easy, targeted pick-me-up for a long and/or stressful journey.”

Give the gift of balanced chakras this season: Now through the holidays, Aveda carries a special gift set, “Feeling Balanced,” which includes all seven chakra oils in travel-size bottles (8 ml).





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