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Break out the disco ball and noisemakers (and, of course, the aspirin)—it’s time once again to usher in a New Year! As we look forward to a fresh start, we also look back on 2015.

Here are our Top 5 Airport Highs in 2015.

 1. MARCH: Quick Ride Ramp at Terminal 1

This is one sexy parking ramp, you guys. Value rates ($3 an hour; daily maximum charge of $14), convenient credit-card only payment, and a FREE 24/7 shuttle that picks you up at your car and drives you to Terminal 1─Lindbergh (a mere 5-minute ride). It’s often even faster than parking on site and walking in. Upon your return, the shuttle will pick you up at Terminal 1 and drive you back to your car. Check out this video to learn more.

 2. MAY: FLY Magazine

We’re totally biased and not ashamed to admit it. Launching FLY in May was one of our greatest accomplishments this year (not to mention scoring an interview with the one and only Lori Barbero plus a Cowboy Troy sighting).

We’ll keep at it in 2016, serving as a guide to food, fashion, style, and culture within the airport, our local community, and beyond. Stay with us as we continue to iron out the kinks and expand our coverage!

 3. AUGUST: 50 New Concessions

MSP Airport will look much different by the end of 2016. In August the Metropolitan Airports Commission approved 50 new airport food and retail concessions, including a music venue, a full-service craft beer bar and restaurant, and a food truck-style food court. Locals will recognize some familiar Twin Cities haunts in the mix, while the new venues will put MSP on par with some of the world’s best airports.

4. DECEMBER: Solar Array

MSP is going green. Earlier this month, we flipped the switch on the state’s largest solar power generator. The 3-megawatt installation sits on the top deck of two Terminal 1─Lindbergh parking ramps. The first-of-its kind airport project also included converting more than 7,700 metal halide light fixtures in all four parking ramps to energy-saving LED technology. It is estimated that the installation will generate nearly 20 percent of Terminal 1’s total peak power capacity. Watch this video that explains how we harness the sun to produce energy.

5. DECEMBER: Snow!

If there’s one thing Minnesota is known for, it’s snow. But in recent years, there have been more blizzards in Boston than here in the North. This season’s dearth of snow in Minnesota has been downright abysmal. Ultimately, we had to take matters into our own hands and bring the snow to the terminal. Watch this video of passengers frolicking in the flakes!




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