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Frequent flying is not for the faint of heart. Hauling luggage, hoisting over-stuffed carry-ons, and sitting for prolonged periods of time can do a number on your body. Chiropractor John Harrison should know—he treats passengers, pilots, flight attendants, and other airport employees all day long. Harrison is the owner and operator of the first airport chiropractic clinic, The Chiroport, located on Concourse C near Gate 12.

A chiropractic clinic at the airport? It may seem strange at first, but it makes sense. “My family and friends always ask for an adjustment after they get off a plane, and many of my street-side clients work at the airport so it seemed like a perfect fit,” says Harrison. “The airport environment offers a safe, convenient, and efficient way to sneak in a treatment.”

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that chiropractic doctors treat more than 30 million people annually. Over time, natural breakdown of a person’s joints and muscles can result in pain and discomfort. “Most people aren’t aware that they’re losing mechanical range of joint motion,” says Harrison. “They attribute aches and pains to growing older, but with chiropractic care, one can retain proper mechanics and feel great at any age.”

The Chiroport offers walk-up service—no appointment necessary. However, to avoid waiting, Harrison recommends clients text “chiromsp” at 612-294-7739, which will notify them of their position in line. The cost for an exam, muscle work, and a full spine adjustment is $39. While insurance is not accepted, clients may use HSA and SFA savings accounts or a major credit card.


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