Employees recall most romantic moments at MSP

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Everyone knows airports are great places for people-watching. With all the arrivals, departures and chance meet-ups, they’re also a hotbed for romance! The MSP crew has bared witness to numerous grand romantic gestures, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, they’re sharing a few of their favorite stories here.


A proposal to remember

“A few years ago I was working at the information booth near the entrance to Concourse F when a young couple stopped in front of the booth. The gentleman got down on one knee in the middle of the floor mosaic and proposed right then and there! He then asked if my co-worker and I would take pictures. The groom said he and his now fiancée had met at the airport at that exact spot and that is where he wanted to propose. She said ‘yes!'”


Wedding at Terminal 2

“A man and woman met at Terminal 2 when they were on the same flight a few years back and hit it off. Fast forward a few years as a happy couple–they were again on a flight in Terminal 2, where SHE proposed to him and he accepted! They decided they wanted a small wedding, so they reached out to me and asked if they could have their ceremony outside the Terminal where they met and were engaged. I obviously couldn’t resist this request! On October 9, 2015, the couple, accompanied by two witnesses, got married outside of Terminal 2.”


Memorable mezzanine surprise

“Last November, a man reached out to me saying he and his girlfriend were flying to Denver that morning and he wanted to surprise her with a proposal prior to their flight. Fifteen friends and family members were waiting on the mezzanine above the ticket lobby at Terminal 1 when the couple arrived. He told her he wanted to go up to the Mezzanine level so they had to come up the escalator. He had her back to the crowd, so when she turned around, she saw all her closest friends and family, and at that moment he proposed to her. This one was particularly special as their family and friends were so involved, took time out of work to be there, and you could see the joy on the faces of everyone involved.”


Who ever said romance was dead? Certainly not us! Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Pictured above: Brandon Miller and Shawnell Dunbar got engaged at MSP in 2016.)




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