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Vacationers and frazzled business travelers rarely need an excuse to enjoy a glass of wine, but tomorrow’s National Drink Wine Day is a great one, and MSP’s Vino Volo is the place!  New to MSP in Terminal 1 near Gate C7, this award-winning airport wine bar offers a unique and exploratory wine list along with a variety of satisfying small plates—the perfect pre-flight pairing.

Marco Di Bernardo, director of development for Vino Volo, said MSP is a great fit for Vino Volo due to Minneapolis’s “long history of wine consumption and knowledge.” The Minneapolis-based staff aims to further enhance this knowledge with its themed tasting menus and experimental flights. Travelers can sample the top-shelf ‘Sommelier Series’ or locally tailored groupings  including ‘Celebration Sparklers’ for festive vacationers (a true Champagne, sparkling brut Chardonnay blend and unique South African rosé) and ‘South of the Equator’ for curious explorers (featuring hidden-gem reds from Argentina, Chile and Australia).

“We try to offer wines that are new and exciting,” general manager Crystal Zhao said of curating the Vino Volo wine list. “Travelers are more likely to be adventurous, in general, so we offer something they can discover. Ultimately, that’s what we want to help people do, discover new wine.”

Each Vino Volo flight is a presented on a tray along with a card for each of the three wines that  includes its grape, origin, vintage and how it is categorized within Vino Volo’s scoring rubric of bright, rich, light and brooding. The cards are perforated so wine drinkers can save the details of their preferred varietals. After sampling, travelers often order a glass of their favorite and purchase a bottle to take with them—that they can either share with loved ones or enjoy and unwind with solo. Should customers fall for all three grapes , Vino Volo offers a convenient three-bottle carrier.

“When they open that bottle later, they’re reminded of the information we gave them and can educate their friends and family,” Zhao said. “That way, the wine learning spreads.”

Whether travelers are interested in a bottle, glass, flight or sample, they should plan on joining Vino Volo at its grand opening celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 21, from 3 to 6 p.m.  Cheers!

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