Top Travel Skincare Tips from Kiehl’s

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It might actually be what’s on the outside that counts. Your skin, that is. Our skin defends against infection, regulates body temperature, and protects what’s inside. So for those of us who haven’t given much thought to how to pamper our superhero skin, we caught up with Wesley Welshans, Store Manager of Kiehl’s MSP location, to get his recommendations for skincare on the go.

Eye Alert
This treatment helps minimize puffiness and dark circles. It also contains caffeine to energize the skin – and really, what traveler couldn’t use more caffeine? $22.50

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
Flying can cause your skin to dry out. Protect your hands with this reparative moisturizer that’s also non-greasy. No more slippery handshakes. $15.00

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
The best time to rejuvenate your skin is while you’re sleeping. Recline your seat, close your eyes and let this lavender-scented oil visibly restore your skin on your next red-eye. $46.00

Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist
A flight attendant favorite, this toning mist is a must to keep your skin well-hydrated — even at 40,000 feet. $17.00

Whether you’re heading home from a weekend getaway or prepping for a big business trip, grab one of these products (all available in travel size) and you’ll be looking and feeling fresh by the time you land. Located in Terminal 1, Airport Mall, centrally located. Open 6am–9pm daily.

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