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Springtime has always signified new beginnings. For some of us, that means MLB spring training, patio season or trail runs. For others, spring is synonymous with the start of festival season, the logistics of which can be exhausting (and you’ll need to save that energy for dancing, trust us). So, how do you make the most of your trip? We called up local festival guru Alicia Rae to find out:

  • Save yourself time at the airport: Get TSA Pre-Check. It’s a game-changer when traveling in groups so you don’t have to wait for half your crew going through long security lines. Make sure to check in ahead of time and pay for your checked bag online to cut down on time, too. What are you going to do with all that extra time, you ask? We’re sure you could find a glass of wine, cold beer or some last-minute on-the-go spa products to tide you over.
  • Rent an SUV: Shuttle passes can be great, but if you want to maximize your time at the festival and keep your group together, carpool in your rental! You can pack coolers, ibuprofen, sunscreen and snacks—and it’s nice not dealing with shuttle crowds or waiting for anyone but your own friends.
  • Pack comfortable shoes: Don’t be a rookie—break in those boots ahead of time or find some sneakers that will go with everything. Unless you’re a celebrity getting carted across the grounds, you’ll be putting in some serious miles. Throw some Band-Aids and a lightweight pair of flip-flops in your backpack just in case. It’s hard to dance the day away with blisters!

Inspired to take the plunge? Here are some of the most popular festivals on the horizon:

If you’re taking off to a festival this season and traveling through MSP, be sure to share your pre-trip journey on our social media channels!

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