In Defense of “Tourist”

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Everyone loves (and truly needs) a good vacation. Whether you’re catching rays or scaling mountains, it’s valuable to be out of your element and engaging in new experiences. In honor of National Tourist Appreciation Day (May 6th), we’re sharing some insight as to why travel isn’t just fun and games—it’s actually good for you.


When we’re in our everyday routines, we look at the same things, talk to the same people and solve the same problems. Traveling enhances our understanding of the world and stimulates creativity. Also, taking a break from our home lives lowers stress levels and improves our overall mood and well-being.


Finding yourself in a new place means you’re confronted with all sorts of challenges, even as basic as getting from point A to point B. Whether you’re walking along the beach or dancing the flamenco, you’ll likely be moving your body in ways it isn’t used to. What’s more, relaxation has a proven effect on your physical health—including a decrease in your chances of getting heart disease.


Stepping out of your element presents the opportunity to refresh and reframe. Not only are your personal relationships strengthened by travel, you also have time to reflect on what’s important to you. It may be a visit to a sacred place, or just having the space and time to reflect—wherever you go, travel can give you a fresh perspective on life.

The next time you’re considering a trip, but hemming and hawing about making it happen, just remember how good it is for you. And go!

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