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Need a pick-me-up beyond your grande latte or chai tea? Stop by the Starbucks in Terminal 1, Concourse C near gate C1 and ask for Lily. For more than 23 years, she’s been serving up warm smiles at MSP, so we caught up with Lily to see what the buzz was all about:

FLY: How long have you worked at Starbucks in MSP?

Lily: 23 years. I moved to Minneapolis 25 years ago from Indonesia and Starbucks was one of my first jobs in the United States.

Did you always know you wanted a job where you get to interact with people every day?

Yes—my whole life. My dad had a store when I was growing up in Indonesia and I loved being able to talk to the customers every day. 

What do you like most about working at the airport? 

I love to see all of the people come and go. There’s a lot of energy in the airport and it feels like a community—we’re all family here. There are so many different people from different countries passing through, and I want to hear all their stories about struggles and happiness.

What is it you enjoy about creating meaningful connections with every customer?

Making people happy and building connections is my passion in life. I treat them like kings and queens so they come back again to see me. I want to learn their orders and personalize their drinks so they feel special. A smile goes such a long way!


We’re not the only people who think Lily is incredible. Ryan Estis is a business growth consultant who was so profoundly inspired by a Christmas Eve encounter with Lily that he began speaking about the experience in his keynote speeches.

We’ll continue to shed light on the men and women who provide exceptional customer service at MSP. In the meantime, make your way to the Starbucks by gate C1 to say hello to Lily.

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