A Tale of Two Donuts

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Old-fashioned or cake? Long John or Boston crème? Frosted or (gasp!) powdered? While there are a lot of hot doughnut (or is it “donut”?) debates to be had, there’s one thing we know for sure: National Donut Day is one we can all celebrate. Lucky for you, MSP has some great places to pick up the sweet treat. To get the ball—or donut hole—rolling, let’s take a look at two:

Dunkin’ Donuts – Tried and True

Minnesotans have waited patiently to get their very own Dunkin’ Donuts and just recently joined the other 40 U.S. states boasting the company’s signature donuts and coffee. When asked what sets them apart and established them as a trusted pastry purveyor for more than 65 years, a representative for the company has a simple answer: “The connection so many people have with the brand. Whether they grew up with it on the East Coast or Chicago, or if they merely visited stores when traveling, the brand brings fond memories for so many.” With more than 70 donuts on its roster—including regional and rotating options—there’s always something worth stopping in for. See what you’ve been missing or missing out on today! Located in Terminal 1, Airport Mall.

Angel Food Bakery – Adventurous and New

From elaborate flavors like the Cloud Nine Lemon Meringue Bismark to boasting a whole bar dedicated solely to donuts, it’s clear that Angel Food is forging new paths for these doughy treats. Looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan or egg-free option? They’ve got you covered there, too. This local, women-owned bakery, which opened its downtown Minneapolis flagship store five years ago, holds innovation near and dear. As co-owner and pastry chef Katy Gerdes explains, “Taste and quality are our top priorities, but we also pride ourselves on being creative with flavor profiles and getting people to go beyond the basic glazed donut. We love creating fun and interesting flavors like lemon-thyme or the Hound Dog, a banana, chocolate and peanut butter fritter.” Swing by to bask in their welcoming atmosphere and nosh on some sophisticated sweets. Located in Terminal 1, Concourse E near gate E5.

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