How to VIP at MSP

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Kick off your next vacation with some VIP treatment at MSP. No need to be an elite traveler to enjoy these perks.

TSA PreCheck

Bypass long security lines with TSA PreCheck, which sends eligible travelers through an expedited screening process. Once approved (and the five-year $85 membership paid), you no longer need to remove your shoes, jacket, liquids or laptop. Now that is luxury.


Valet Parking

We all have friends that can always find the perfect parking spot. If you’re not blessed with this innate ability, valet parking is worth the splurge. (And particularly great if you’re running late.) While you’re parked, why not throw in a $6 car wash? Available at Terminal 1.

Escape Lounge

The Escape Lounge is a perfect place to relax, catch up on work, and recharge before your flight, regardless of the airline you’re flying. With complimentary food, drinks, and Wi-Fi, the $45 flat fee is well worth it, particularly when you’ve got a couple hours to burn. (Even better–access to the Escape Lounge is now complimentary for American Express Platinum cardholders.)

Shoe Shine

Arrive at your destination looking your best. Shoe shines aren’t just for male business travelers. Ladies, the next time you’re at MSP in your favorite (and likely well-worn) boots, stop to have them shined and weatherproofed. Multiple stands are located throughout both terminals.

Duty-Free Shopping
Stretch your legs and treat yourself to a box of gourmet chocolates, upscale cosmetics or a new timepiece. The alcohol and tobacco items are only for international travelers, but there’s more than enough at Duty Free to make it worth the visit. MSP Duty Free has three locations – Concourse D and the Airport Mall in Terminal 1 and near gate H5 in Terminal 2.

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