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You’re almost through the security check when your phone rings. Do you answer it? If you answered “yes,” it may be time for a quick refresher about cell phone courtesy, just in time for Cell Phone Etiquette Month.

  1. Stay alert. Pay attention to where you are walking so you keep up with the flow of foot traffic and don’t run into people. Airports are busy and people are often in a rush, so pay attention to where you’re going to keep the flow of traffic moving. Going through security requires particular attention, so be sure to hang up the phone and keep your boarding pass and ID accessible.
  2. Take a private moment. If you need to have a personal conversation, find a quiet corner in the airport. According to the Emily Post Institute, a good rule of thumb is to be at least 10 feet away from the nearest person while having a personal conversation.
  3. Keep the volume down. People are talking, reading books and trying to listen for announcements about their flights. A loud ringtone or phone conversation can be alarming, distracting or downright annoying. If you need an unrestricted place to talk at MSP, consider renting a private workstation at our conference center for as little as $20 an hour, located on level 2 above the entrance to Concourse F at Terminal 1.
  4. See the signs. Keep an eye out for locations that restrict cell phone use, which are clearly designated with signage. Pay particular attention when going through the customs process and receiving instruction from your flight crew.
  5. Remember the Golden Rule. Don’t answer your phone or engage in text messaging while you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone. Ever.

If you really need to have a hands-free conversation, think twice about using the speakerphone and instead grab a pair of headphones. There are multiple retailers at MSP that can set you up with the latest and greatest in cell phone accessories, including iStore, Headphone Hub and BluWire.

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