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Podcasts might be the best travel companion when you’re on the move and packed to the brim. To help inform your next subscription choice, here are some of our favorite Minnesota-based podcasts:

If you like Limetown, you might like Small Town Horror.

A fictional docudrama set in the host’s Minnesota hometown, this podcast examines a world of unsolved mysteries. Small Town Horror is a spinoff of author Jon Grilz’s series of Crazytown novels, but you don’t need to read the books to enjoy the podcast. Get your fill of drama and chills in just 20 minutes. Download the first episode, Tape 1 – The Where.

If you like Pod Save America, you might like Political Junkie.

This weekly show is hosted by a rotating crew of Minnesota Public Radio News hosts and features political expert Ken Rudin, a subject matter expert with two decades of experience as the political editor for National Public Radio. Political Junkie contextualizes current political happenings so you can keep up. To get started, check out their take on the 2016 presidential race.

If you like For Crying Out Loud, you might like Pratfalls of Parenting.

Hosted by Minnesota-native, comedian and father Levi Weinhagen, this podcast talks about the balance between being a parent and a “maker of cool stuff.” Weinhagen sits down with creatives of all kinds—musicians, writers, muralists, rappers and more—who also happen to be parents, picking their brains about parenthood, artistic pursuits and the connection between the two. To get started, check out episode 52 featuring Minneapolis rapper P.O.S.

If you like The /Filmcast, you might like Cube Critics.

Each week, Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr of Minnesota Public Radio News come together to dissect what’s at the box office. They banter about obscure films, new subgenres and broader industry issues in episodes no longer than 15 minutes. Get started with one of their most popular episodes, Cube Critics Consider Disney Plans.

If you like NPRs All Songs Considered, you might like The Currents Song of the Day.

“The best new, independent and unreleased songs shared with you each weekday.” These DJs are experts at uncovering and spinning the best, from our backyard to around the globe. And with a free daily download, Song of the Day can help you curate a whole new collection.

Download a handful of these podcasts at home, or right at the gate using MSP’s free Wi-Fi. But for those who prefer the turn of the page, be sure to stop by one of MSP’s new bookstores. Open Book is located in the Main Airport Mall, or you can visit Words in the middle of Concourse C.

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