How to Make the Perfect Taco

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Think about it–has there ever been a moment when you haven’t wanted to eat a taco? Didn’t think so. While it’s a treat to have someone make one for you, what happens when that craving strikes at home? Not to worry. Chef Bill Fairbanks of Cocina del Barrio, located in Terminal 2, tells us what it takes to prepare a restaurant-worthy taco.

Start with fresh ingredients

According to Fairbanks, it all comes down to ingredients. No matter what kind of taco you’re building, “it’s all about the freshness of produce and high-quality ingredients—you’re not trying to change them, but to let them shine.” Bright cilantro, a squeeze of lime or a perfectly ripe avocado will elevate any taco. 

Create your perfect flavor profile

Your ideal taco should be customized to, well, you. Fairbanks recommends experimenting with different spices and herbs in your marinades to complement your meat or veggies. Not sure where to start? Swing by your local Mexican market to pick up a blend of cascabel, guajillo, and ancho chiles to have on hand.

Be patient

A little patience goes a long way to perfecting the classic dish, especially if you’re cooking meat. Letting your meat simmer at a lower temperature for a longer period of time allows flavor to develop and takes your taco experience to the next level.  

His final piece of advice? Tacos should always be fun. Make it your own, and remember that at the end of the day…it’s really hard to make a bad taco. Cocina del Barrio is located in Terminal 2 near gate H8.

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